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French Dining Etiquette and Manners
Oct 13

French Dining Etiquette and Manners

If you are planning to visit Paris or you are planning to attend your favorite French restaurant, then you need to learn some basic. French dining is a very conservative and formal idea, and this is why you need to learn their culture. To enjoy the French cuisine, you need to learn the basics that are involved in the dining process. If you learn some French table manners, you will feel at home every time you visit a French restaurant, or you are invited by your friends for dining.

Dining manners in Franceeating meal

When dining in French, manners dictates that your hands should be on the table. In French dining, you are not advised to keep your hands in the laps.

At the same time while keeping your hands on the table, remember to avoid exposing your elbows when eating. Hands should be placed on the table without exposing the elbows.

Use of cutlery

The use of cutlery is a very important in French dining. The French like to use cutlery like knife and folk during to eat their food. The folk is usually placed on the left and the knife on the right. Most of the French meals include meat and steaks, so the knife is used to cut the steak.

In the French tradition, they avoid the use of hands to eat like it is common in many Asian countries to eat rice or sushi. The French people never eat with their hands or fingers.

Don’t start eating before the leader says so

In French dining, there will always be a leader that is heading the dinner. According to the French dining culture, you must always wait for the leader to give a declaration before you start eating. Most of the time the dining leader will say bon appetite as a command for you to start eating. If you are eating in a restaurant, you don’t have to wait for this.

Eating bread

Nearly all the meals in French will contain bread and it is important to know how to handle the bread. In French dining, the bread is not kept on the plate but rather on the table cloth.

People from other cultures might find this funny, but that is how it is done in French. You don’t take a bite from the bread like most of the Americans do. The French prefer to cut small pieces from the bread before eating.…

6 Qualities Of Business Leader
Feb 28

6 Qualities Of Business Leader

The world of business has evolved over the years, and so have management styles. To be able to survive in the business community, as a leader one has to be good exemplary.



A good business leader will be enthusiastic and passiReaching Handonate about their business. A person of passion and dedication will draw a group of followers. A business leader plays the role of leading the others towards achieving the goals of the business. Therefore, if he is acting as a source of motivation and inspiration, the other personnel will work to keep the business in the right direction.


In the business world, decisions have to make now and then that affect the performance of the whole venture. The leader, therefore, has to be confident in what he is doing to make the right decisions. If a leader is confident, he will earn the trust of the rest of the team he is leading. This will push the other personnel to work with combined efforts to make the venture a success.


A business leader has to be committed to the work he is doing. This is because commitment will push him to give his best and maintain high standards for his venture. The commitment he gives will provide a basis for others to give their best and achieve the excellence bars set in the venture.


In a world where things are evolving and changing day in day out, competitiveness is not enough to keep the business running. That is why a good leader will inspire innovation. Innovation will keep changing the business way of doing things thus remaining relevant and growing from one stage to the next.

Ability to remain focused

As a business leader, despite the challenges you are facing, you need People on top staircasealways to remain focused. When unforeseen challenges crop up, as a leader you need to remain calm and act with strategy. This is because every decision you make will have an effect on the business in the long run.

Ability to leverage networks

A good business leader will always put the interests of the business before his. This means that he will work on networking with relevant people who will benefit the business before he can think of his ambitions. To be able to achieve this, a leader has to have very strong collaboration skills.…

How to Keep Fit with Your Hectic Lifestyle
Burn Calories
Feb 15

How to Keep Fit with Your Hectic Lifestyle

In today’s world, every woman has a goal to look the best they can be. However, due to our hectic lifestyles many of us do not have the time to prepare healthy food and exercise.

Taking SupplementThere have been many diet programs and pills promising to help those struggling with weight. But these products Do very little or nothing at all. In most cases after losing weight many women put the weight back on or sometimes even become even more overweight.

What can a woman do to balance their busy lives and stay healthy at the same time? Garcinia Cambogia is the supplement I am referring to. It is a small fruit found in many parts of South East Asia and has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Many Asians use it in their food for its sour taste and also as a hunger suppressant. Even though we all cannot use the fruit itself, It has been now developed into a convenient pill that can be taken easily.

This great product is all natural and has the following benefits.Natural Diet Pills

1. Works as a Hunger Suppressant
2. Help burn fat
3. Increase the Serotonin levels in the brain making us feel good
4. It is also known to reduce cholesterol levels

No other diet pill can give you all these benefits. Many of the pills available in the market are made from chemicals and only perform either as a hunger suppressant or a fat burner. Whereas Garcinia Cambogia works in both ways and does much more.

garcinia-cambogia Because this dietary supplement is all natural it is safe for anybody to take. There have been no known adverse effects from taking Garcinia Cambogia, and many have in fact reported great weight loss results.

However, this product is not recommended for Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those suffering from other serious ailments. Before you take this, it is always best to consult your doctor.…

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