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Apr 13

Understanding What a Passive House Is

When it comes to passive house design, cost savings as a result of dispensing conventional heating system may be used to upgrade the building and deliver renewable energy heating. Thus, if you want to build a passive house, then it is important to get facts right about passive house design. In fact, Frankfurter Passivhaus von CAL CLASSIC HAUS are well-insulated and airtight to improve occupant comfort and minimize energy loss. A passive house design takes into account the complete life-cycle of a building and uses a wide range of building solutions to get rid of conventional technologies that use fossil fuels.

Passive solar design
The passive solar design is meant to exploit free energy from the sun and offer warmth. You should note that a passive house is oriented to ensure that south facing windows do absorb energy from the sun. Rooms are laid out to ensure the solar heat is distributed from the windows through the interior of the house. Capturing solar energy is regarded as passive. This is because the building does not produce energy itself. Heat energy comes from natural sources.

Provide thermal mass
Usually, passive houses are constructed from either lightweight or dense building materials. For instance, in lightweight construction, materials such as timber frame are incorporated. On the other hand, thermal mass allows the use of dense construction materials such as concrete, brick, tile, stone, and concrete that are useful in storing free heat.

Install super insulation
You should note that insulating a building is an important part of a passive house. This means that it has a huge impact on the energy expenditure. Ideally, an expertly insulated house can reduce a lot of heat through building an envelope. You need to consider the set standard of thermal insulation that will improve thermal comfort for house occupants.

Make the house airtight
Effective tightness is needed to make a passive house. The main cause of heat loss is warm air leaking that results in wasted energy. You can improve the building’s airtightness that minimizes uncontrolled airflow through the cracks and gaps. All these ought to be addressed by the house designer during the early stages of planning.

Fit triple glazed windows
One of the features that are attributed to the high performance of a passive house is fit triple glazed windows. These types of windows are designed to provide high thermal values. Thus, there is a need to combine triple-pane insulated glazing, argon gas, and low emissivity glass.…

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