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Clover Go Credit Card Machine Overview


The Clover Go Credit Machine is a mobile credit card processing system that offers all-in-one payment solutions. The Clover Go is an appropriate device as has no internet connectivity issues as it can connect through wireless systems compatible with Androids and iPhones. The Clover Go meets the highest security standards protecting its users which ensure customer transactions are satisfactory. It is possible to use the Clover Go to connect to other Clover Point of Sale systems. The best Credit Machine allows payment through contactless methods, Apple and Samsung Pay and offers flexibility among other payment options.

Inbuilt features

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The Clover Go Credit Machine has inbuilt features that enable powerful reporting capabilities and other business insights. The Clover Go is easily customizable and allows the business owner to delegate duties to their employees by giving them login access to the system. Moreover, it is easy to monitor the various financial transactions undertaken by the business that also features tax compliance features. The Clover Go Credit Card Machine enables the smooth running of business operations by closely monitoring the revenue generated through integrated POS systems.

Real merchant account

The Clover Go uses a real merchant account that is compatible with various chip cards. It is easy to use as it allows proper back office reporting and takes up iOS and Android devices. Clover Go uses two card readers who are EMV compliant enabling them to read chip cards and swipe mag stripes. The Clover Go Credit card offers more account stability which controls against account terminations or fund holding. The Clover Go provides many mobile processing options beneficial to the merchant. The Clover Go feature is functional but limited as a standalone register which makes it adequate for mobile use.

Superior inbuilt features

The functionally of the Clover Go is enabled due to its superior inbuilt features. These enable the Credit card machine to enable quick pay modalities, conduct inventory management. This also allows it to customize tax, tips, and tabs paid. It also enables automatic generation of SMS and Email receipts. Moreover, the usage of the system accommodates an unlimited number of users and integrates other advanced Clover machines and devices. The system is also developed to ensure that it makes partial or full refunds to customers.

Android and iOS system

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It is possible to use the Clover Go app and reader through most Android and iOS systems used in tablets and smartphones. It has very strong connectivity to the internet and facilitates cloud-based services that can be synchronized when online and allows remote access. Clover Go accounts prices vary with different retailers.


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